What a run: Marshall retiring after 38 years as CC, track coach

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If you say Jim Marshall has enjoyed a great run, it might sound a bit corny.

Actually, a lot corny.

But it's so true, so fitting, so perfect.

Marshall's teams weren't always good, sometimes they were very good. Other times, they were great.

Catch them if you can.

Marshall, 60, has been a cross country and track and field fixture in Missouri for almost four decades, including 25 years at Jefferson City High School. But this amazing run is coming to an end, as he's announced his retirement effective at the end of William Woods' track and field season this weekend.

"It's been good all the way through," Marshall said. "Like any long-term situation you get into, professionally, there are ups and downs. But I really can't complain, it's been a fun ride all the way around.

"It's something I grew to love in high school, and before I even got out of high school, I knew this is what I wanted to do for my career. You get into it and you love it as much as you thought you would, so it's tough to walk away from something you really enjoy doing.

"But you come to the realization that you can't do it forever."

Great coaches like Marshall have one thing in common, besides knowing their craft inside and out --- they care.

"Like any coach," he said, "and it doesn't matter what sport you're coaching, you grow to love the activity of relationship building. And you like being able to motivate people to do things they didn't think they could do.

"Then long-term, you like to watch the product as they go to college, then become parents and contributors to society ... maybe you played a small part in that, too."

Marshall's tenure at JCHS, from 1985-2010, coincided with a remarkable stretch of athletic success, most notably in the 1980s and 90s when the school stockpiled 19 state championships, a staggered 82 top-four finishes, and more district titles than you could shake a baton at.

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