Renegades set to do battle with Henke, Ash, Mid-Mo Stars

The Jefferson City Renegades will host a collection of mid-Missouri all-stars on the Fourth of July. (KRCG 13 Photo/Josh Kurelac)

The Washington Generals are coming to town.

Well, actually, these guys have been here all along.

A collection of local baseball talent --- ranging up to 50 years old --- will try their luck against the Jefferson City Renegades in The Renegades vs. Team Missouri exhibition game at 3 p.m. Wednesday at Vivion Field.

Call this an early fireworks show ... maybe.

If you're not sure who the Washington Generals are, they were fodder for the Harlem Globetrotters for decades.

Sacrificial lambs in basketball sneakers.

The Generals' last win against the Globetrotters came in 1971, which snapped their 2,495-game losing streak.

That's not a typo ---2,495.

And you thought the Chicago Cubs had a bad losing streak. After that game, which the Generals won 100-99, a Washington player said of the fans:

"They looked at us like we killed Santa Claus."

Steve Dullard, 33, Renegades president who will serve as manager of Team Missouri, may see some playing time. Renegades board member Denny Atwell will also be in the uniform --- at age 50.

On the back of the shirts of Team Missouri, which is sponsored by Shirtsmith, are the words:


But Dullard is not about to throw in the towel.

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