Optimism abounds as Walker introduces Jays' coaching staff

New Jefferson City football coach Terry Walker (far right) introduced his coaching staff at an event in Jefferson City on Thursday night. (Tom Loeffler/KRCG13)

JEFFERSON CITY --- There's been something in the air concerning our local sports in recent days.

Besides snowflakes at baseball games in April.

It's the buzz around the Jefferson City Jays football program under Terry Walker, as the first-year coach has been busy assembling his staff.

This is no small or insignificant endeavor --- if the Jays ever want to be relevant again on the Missouri stage, it's an absolute must.

"I think if there's one lesson I learned at Blair Oaks, it's exactly that," Walker said. "I can have the best ideas or the best practice schedules or whatever it might be, but you've got to have great people around you.

"If you look at any successful organization --- it's made up of the leadership, obviously --- but the leadership has to trust the people around them to do their job. I was definitely not the best coach (at Blair Oaks), but I had a bunch of guys around me who are great coaches and they did a great job. Consequently, the kids were successful."

"That's what we want to do here."


BEFORE A BIG AND OPTIMISTIC GATHERING, Walker announced his coaching staff during a dinner and fundraiser thursday night at The Millbottom --- a few old names, a few new names, and perhaps a surprise or two.

There are certainly no guarantees, especially in the early years of a new regime. But this appears to be a great start.

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