New sheriff in town: Walker, Jays getting more acquainted

Terry Walker is getting ready for his first season as head coach of the Jefferson City Jays. (Rod Smith/KRCG13)

JEFFERSON CITY --- This wasn't Phase I for Terry Walker with the Jefferson City Jays, it was more like Phase IV.

First, the dream ... his interest in this job started years ago as his career in the Air Force was winding down.

Then the dream came true in January, Phase II.

Next, meeting the team, establishing his regime and starting to put his footprint on the program during offseason workouts.

Finally, the new head coach got to see his football team on the field, as the Jays completed their summer camp Thursday at Adkins Stadium.

"I think this was a good start," said Walker, the first-year head coach at his alma mater. "The kids got acclimated to how we do things and what our expectations are, and we obviously got to see them on the field, watch them move, and get a feel for some of the things we think they can do.

"We have some great athletes and we feel very fortunate, in that regard. We're starting to get an idea of what their strengths are and the areas where we're going to need to improve if we want to be a good football team this fall."

Rest assured, there's a new sheriff in town and with him, there are changes. It's no secret this veteran of the armed forces will work his players harder and expect more than most coaches.

Not always a pleasant process.

"They definitely sense something is different --- we've always stressed that you get what you earn by the amount of work you put in," Walker said. "I think they're proud of what they're doing."

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