MU to get back to NCAA Tourney

The Mizzou women's hoops selection party. (File)

What a long, strange trip it's been.

It's an odyssey that lasted two years and two days, the worst coming on Day 1, the best on Day 367.

From ghetto to glory, from the outhouse to the ... well, not exactly the penthouse, but it's certainly a nice floor with a view.

March 9, 2017, the final game in the Missouri Tigers basketball coaching career of Kim Anderson, who was told he was done when the season was. This was the day he was done.

Anderson's teams were dismal --- 27-68 --- but it was hardly all his fault.

^ First, he inherited a smelly pile of Haith from the previous administration, which included a postseason ban for one year, recruiting restrictions and two years of probation.

^ Second, you had the mess and unrest in the Fall of 2015, fueled by the racially-charged group Concerned Student 1950. It led to the resignations of both the university chancellor and president, and gave the school a crushing public relations blow.

I think we'd all agree those are two great selling points to potential recruits. John Wooden wouldn't have won in this situation.

Still, 27-68 is still 27-68 and 8-24 --- Mizzou's record in Anderson's final season --- is still 8-24.


Fast forward to March 11, 2018 ... the Tigers' name is called to play in the NCAA Tournament for the first time in five years.


Okay, this isn't exactly GLORY!!! --- the Tigers are a middle-of-the-road No. 8 seed and will open against Florida State in a first-round game at 8;50 p.m. Friday in Nashville --- but it's a lot more glorious than 8-24 and playing home games in a gym that's more than half empty during a season that was over in January.

In between, you had the words You're fired and The No, 8 seed in the West is ...

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