Mizzou's Week in Review: It was best of times and absolute worst

(MGN Online)

It might be the most exciting thing to happen in Central Missouri since they let a big hole fill up with water south of Eldon back in the 1930s.

Michael Porter Jr. decided to stay home. No dam required.

Unfortunately, Porter's stay only lasted 100 seconds.

Or did it? Could it last one year and 100 seconds? Or even a few weeks and 100 seconds?

Missouri fans would take anything, at this point. Like, 200 seconds.

But even before Porter, this 6-10 sensation, underwent back surgery last week to effectively end his college career --- or so most thought --- he had told Sports Illustrated in October that he could return next year and bypass the 2018 NBA Draft.

That, however, was highly unlikely, since he was considered a lock to be a lottery pick. That would simply be too much cash to leave on the floor of Norm Stewart Court.

With this injury, however, who knows? It could galvanize his wishes to play one more year with his brother, Jontay, and one more year for his father, Michael Sr. Nothing is more important that family to this family, after all. The NBA would still be there in another year, but the opportunity to play in Columbia would be gone forever.

And there's this. This weekend, Porter posted on Instagram: "whoever said it was going to take 3-4 months to recover lied."

This might mean nothing ... or it could mean everything to Porter and Tiger fans. Assuming, that is, he was talking about a shorter recovery time, not a longer one.

Regardless, the news of Porter's apparent season-ending surgery was a body blow to all things Black and Gold. What did we do to deserve this?

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