Linthacum discusses resignation of LePage, search for new head coach

Ted LePage resigned as the Jefferson City head football coach on Sunday, December 11. (MGN Online)

Larry Linthacum and Ted LePage have been good friends for more than 30 years, dating back to their playing days with the Missouri Tigers in the mid- to late-1980s.

This is not to say their friendship didn't have some painful moments.

"I was a tight end and he was a safety," Linthacum said, "so we had some battles (in practice). When I'd be coming across the middle and catching a pass, Ted was definitely going to hit you and bring some heat."

Now, Linthacum is Superintendent of Jefferson City Public Schools; LePage, head football coach of the Jays. The latter changed Sunday night, however, when LePage announced his resignation at the team's banquet at the high school.

A different kind of painful moment.

"I know it was a sad day for a lot of folks, Linthacum said. "He's one of the good guys. How he carries himself with integrity, he's just one of the good guys who does things the right way."

Linthacum said he didn't find out LePage had resigned until he was notified Sunday night after the banquet. This is a bit difficult to understand, if not hard to believe, because of the positions they hold and since they are good friends.

But at this point, it doesn't matter.

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