It's been a great week, fans: A tribute, transfer and trade

    Helias grad Hale Hentges was named the SEC Scholar Athlete of the Year earlier this week. (University of Alabama athletics)

    Fans in the SEC just found out what we've known all along --- as good as Hale Hentges is at football, there's something he's even better at.

    Everything else.

    The 2015 Helias graduate received one of the ultimate honors this week when he was named the SEC Football Scholar Athlete of the Year, beating out all challengers in the 14-team league that includes Vanderbilt, a school known as the Harvard of the South.

    The career for the Crimson Tide senior tight end has zipped by faster than you could say, What year is Hale now? But he's certainly made the most of it.

    While this tribute may not have the flash of being named the SEC Offensive Player of the Year, as his quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was. But in the end, it's the most important. By far.

    Hentges graduated Magna Cum Laude in three years and is now pursuing a master's in marketing. He earned a 3.74 GPA as an undergraduate and holds a 4.0 GPA in his master's program.

    In addition, Hentges was named one of the Crimson Tide's permanent captains this week, which comes with a distinguished and permanent honor --- he will have his handprints and footprints enshrined on the Alabama Quad this spring.

    He's as good as it gets.

    THAT WAS JUST PART OF A GREAT WEEK for Missouri sports, in general. There was also the news of a transfer to the Missouri football team, a transfer that carries more weight than the statue they recently took down from the top of the State Capitol.

    Not to worry, our Roman goddess of agriculture, 94, will be back soon.

    Kelly Bryant, a 6-2, 222-pound quarterback, has left Clemson for the greener (?) pastures of Missouri, where he will be eligible to play his senior season in 2019.

    Consider this a backwards one-and-done.

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