Helias coach Harris on his lucky finals clothes: 'Why take chances?'

Helias won the Class 3 volleyball state championship in Cape Girardeau on Saturday. (Tony Mullen/KRCG13)

JEFFERSON CITY --- There are a lot of factors that go into winning a state championship ... David Harris and the Helias Lady Crusaders volleyball team know as much.

Here's one factor the average fan probably doesn't know about ... it was perhaps the secret ingredient to Helias winning the program's second state championship Saturday.

"I had to wear the same clothes I wore in 2014 (in the title match)," said the Helias head coach.

Yes, he's washed them. And no, they were not the same clothes down to the socks and underwear.

"Just the jacket and shirt and tie and pants," he said with a smile."Why take chances? I don't have to eat a certain meal or anything like that, or jump up and down three times or knock on wood, and I don't carry a rabbit's foot. I think it's just the clothes."

Only his tailor knows for sure.

"And the girls asked me: "Is this what you wore (in 2014)?," Harris said. "I told them it was, so they were happy."

It worked. Having said that, it's not exactly all about the clothes.

"You have to have talent, to begin with," said Harris, who just wrapped up his 17th year at the Helias helm. "Then, you try to mold them into what you would like them to do as a team. We stress team goals over individual --- everybody's role is (equally) important. We would not have won the state championship without our role players."

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