Hawklets handle Jays, but now this: Every team in state goes back to 0-0

Jefferson City came up short in a 30-12 loss to Rockhurst on Friday night. (Rod Smith/KRCG13)

JEFFERSON CITY --- The regular season opened Aug. 18 when every team in the state was --- obviously --- 0-0.


The high temperature that day was a surprising and comfortable 85 degrees.

The regular season closed Oct. 13 --- and the old cliche' kicked in. Every team in the state is back to 0-0, with the start of district play looming next week.

The high temperature on this day was a surprising and wonderful 85 degrees.

Everything old is new again, isn't it?

Just like Missouri playing Kansas in a game of college basketball. I mean, really, how great is that?

Friday night at Adkins Stadium gave us the newest edition of an old rivalry, one that was considered the best in the state for a long, long time.

But as has been the case for nearly two decades, 10th-ranked Rockhurst had the better of it on this night, as Brady McCanles rushed for 189 yards and scored three touchdowns --- one on a 99-yard kickoff return ---- helping the Hawklets get past the Jefferson City Jays, 30-12.

Not everything old is new again, as the Hawklets have now won 17 of the last 19 in the series to increase their series lead to 26-15.

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