Even in (another) defeat, Blue Tigers are showing signs of progress

Truman State handed Lincoln a 41-14 loss on Homecoming. (Tony Mullen/KRCG13)

JEFFERSON CITY --- It was time to come home, see old friends, enjoy good food and wonder what kind of seasoning was in that barbecue sauce, and cheer on the alma mater.

Lincoln alums were coming home to an improved stadium with a new turf field and a fabulous snew coreboard.

They were coming home to the band and dance team, which are still great. The latter is still comprised of girls who seem to have more joints than most people.

The football team, well ...

Have I mentioned there's a new scoreboard?

Unfortunately, not much has changed on the field --- the bottom line hasn't changed, anyway. The Blue Tigers lost, as the Truman State Bulldogs bolted to a 21-0 lead in the first quarter on their way to a 41-14 win to spoil the football part of Lincoln's Homecoming before a big crowd Saturday at Reed Stadium.

It was an uncomfortably hot day and Lincoln was facing a proud program --- a program under the direction of former Hickman coach Gregg Nesbitt --- that had gone 8-3 last year, but was 0-3 this year.

They were wounded and hungry and it showed --- it took them four plays to cover 73 yards on the game's first possession to take a 7-0 lead. Later in the first quarter, it moved to 21-0 after Lincoln lost fumbles at its own 38 and 18.

Wounded, hungry teams don't need any help.

In years past --- in decades past --- a 21-0 start would have led to a 56-6 finish for the Blue Tigers. Not this year, not with this team. The results are the same, but how they're losing is different.

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