Did that really happen? Maryville flattens Blair Oaks in semifinals

Blair Oaks' season ended with a 49-20 loss to Maryville in a Class 3 semifinal game. (Rod Smith/KRCG13)

WARDSVILLE --- There's no way to sugarcoat it, this game was as ugly as the weather for Blair Oaks.

If not uglier. And the weather --- if you weren't sure --- was really, really ugly.

It was a game and an outcome nobody could have seen coming --- a simply stunning, shocking, head-scratching, Did that really happen?

Yes, it did.

The Falcons, who made so many teams look non-competitive this season, were on the business end of that equation Saturday, as the Maryville Spoofhounds dominated Blair Oaks from the opening kick in 49-20 victory in the Class 3 semifinals at the Falcon Athletic Complex.

Here's what really happened: The Falcons didn't lose this game, they got beat.

"That's exactly right, they definitely beat us," Blair Oaks coach Terry Walker said. "Weather had nothing to do with it, where we played had nothing to do with it, they flat-out beat us. Physically, they just dominated us up front, on both the O-line and D-line. You have to be able to control the line of scrimmage a little bit if you expect to win, and we just couldn't.

"When those things happen, you tip your hat, you learn from it and you move on."

It was a cold (wind chills hovered just above 30) rainy, windy and dreary day, the kind of weather you figured would favor Maryville. The Spoofhounds, after all, feature a run-happy, ground and pound offense, while the Falcons prefer to spread the field and throw it around.

Winds of 30 mph and footballs in the air aren't a good formula for success.

But this had nothing to do with the weather --- so you can keep Zach Paul on your Christmas card list --- and everything to do with Maryville.

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