Combs lights up Wildcats for 48 as Harrisburg wins district crown

Harrisburg got 48 points from Cade Combs in a 74-67 win over New Bloomfield. (Rod Smith/KRCG13)

NEW BLOOMFIELD --- If you've never been in the zone, you should really try it, you'd like it.

You can't make it happen, it just happens. Why? Nobody knows, but we do know this --- the better you are, the more often it does.

Funny how that works.

Those days when even Michael Jordan shrugs in disbelief, those days when everything you touch turns to gold.

Or in this case, when everything you shoot touches nothing but net.

Harrisburg's Cade Combs wasn't just in the zone Saturday, he was in the O-Zone. Because he was out of this world, simply brilliant.

And what a time for it to happen.

The 6-foot-4 senior went 8-for-8 on 3-pointers and poured in an astounding 48 points as the Bulldogs outlasted the New Bloomfield Wildcats 74-67 in the championship game of Class 2 District 8 Tournament on Saturday at New Bloomfield.

Combs wasn't hot, he was the sun. Blistering. But when he found out he finished with 48 points shortly after the game, he was almost speechless.

After a pause and a stammer ...

"Wow," he said. "Honestly, I had no idea."

That's the thing about being in the zone, when you're there, you don't even know it.

"I was locked in, I was ready to go," Combs said. "I woke up this morning at 7:30 and couldn't go back to sleep --- these are the days I've been dreaming about my whole life."

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