Clash of two Titans: Blair Oaks vs. Lutheran North in semifinals

Blair Oaks will host Lutheran North on Saturday in a Class 2 semifinal game. (Tony Mullen/KRCG13)

WARDSVILLE --- In their last 12 games, the Blair Oaks Falcons have just been too good for their opponents.

When developing a game plan --- and although he'd never say this outright --- Ted LePage would see more mismatches than LeBron James at a grade school pickup game.

"We look at film and look for areas on the football field where we might have an advantage," the Blair Oaks coach said. "We study a ton of film with the players, they probably spend more time in the film room than they do on the practice field."

These Falcons have just been quicker, faster and better than everybody they've played the last three months. And it hasn't been close

12 games, 12 wins by a combined 658-72, an average margin of victory of 49 points a game. Meaning, last week's 55-6 quarterfinal win over Clark County was just another average game.

Don't expect it to happen again ... until next season, that is.

Because in Lutheran North, Blair Oaks will see a team that's just as quick, just as fast and by all appearances, just as good as the Falcons.

Then again, maybe not, we'll find out at 1 p.m. Saturday when the top-ranked Falcons (13-0) collide with the fourth-ranked Crusaders (10-3) in the Class 2 semifinals at the Falcon Athletic Complex.

"It's going to be a heck of a football game," LePage said. "Looking at the forecast (sunny and 60), I'm sure there will be a ton of people there, it will be a great atmosphere ... it will be all you could want in a high school football game."

Some Blair Oaks fans might scoff at Lutheran North's record --- We just beat two-loss Clark County by 49 points and one-loss South Callaway by 47. A team with three losses? No worries.

Well ... two of the losses were two quality teams from the Chicago area, the other was after a road trip to Cincinnati.

Lutheran North is a team littered with Division I talent, including 6-5, 330-pound lineman Jack Buford, who's committed to the University of Missouri.

"There's no doubt," LePage said, "this will be our toughest test of the year. They have great athletes all over the field, they're very fundamentally sound and well-disciplined."

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