Building program from scratch: Tough job for Jolley, Cavaliers

    Shannon Jolley will be the first head coach of the Capital City High School football team.

    JEFFERSON CITY --- The easy part is done, offering a job and Shannon Jolley saying yes.

    Now comes the hard part, the expensive part, and the part that usually takes a many, many years to get right.

    Building a successful football program from scratch ... is it daunting, challenging or exciting? Yes.

    But for Jolley, it's much more about the final option.

    "Yes, it's challenging, but I'm really excited, humbled and honored to have this opportunity," said Jolley, who's been named the inaugural head football coach for Capital City High School that opens next fall. "It will be exciting for our staff and our football program to put together a product that not only the school is proud of, but the kids are excited to be a part of.

    "There are definitely a lot of moving parts to this process, but that's what makes it exciting."

    Say hello to the Cavaliers. They'll play JV football in 2019, when the school will have only freshmen and sophomores, with varsity play beginning in 2020 when CCHS.

    Roughly half of this year's freshman class from Jefferson City High School will move to CCHS next fall, with the rest of the students basically coming from Thomas Jefferson Middle School.

    Jolley plans to be in contact with next fall's probable players to do some strength and conditioning in the evenings in the coming months, "and get the guys together so we can get to know them."

    The cost of starting a football program is probably equal to all other sports --- combined. Just a uniform alone costs about $1,000 per player and with around 40-45 players expected to be on the roster in 2020, well, you can do the math.

    "You are talking about a significant amount of money to make sure the kids are in the safest equipment and have the right teaching tools and other things for your facility," Jolley said.

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