Teachers trained to be listeners for victims and their bullies

Columbia Public Schools trains its teachers to become listener for not only the victim of bullying, but also the bully themselves. (KRCG)

Bullying involves the emotions of not just the victim, but also the bully.

Columbia Public Schools trained its teachers to receive reports of bullying and how to properly categorize the behavior based on the district's definition of bullying.

The teachers were trained to become listeners for victims even if the behavior was not categorized as bullying.

CPS said it was vital for teachers to help make school a safe place students can return to everyday.

"They will come to the building. That is their job to come to school everyday and we want them to come to that job happy, healthy, and ready to be successful in that learning environment. It is imperative that we repair that harm so that the student can feel safe," Carla London the CPS Chief Equity Officer said.

CPS said after bullying occurs restorative conversation would often take place. Restorative conversations gave the bully the opportunity to understand the impact of their behavior. The discussions also help students develop a way to move forward conflict free at school.

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