One year later- Stop Bullying Mid-MO returns to help community with same mission

The KRCG 13 Stop Bullying Mid-MO initiative was scheduled to return September 6. (File)

KRCG 13's Stop Bullying Mid-MO initiative was starting again with students back in school.

KRCG 13's News Director Matt Johnson said the initiative was formed to help community members.

"We felt like there was an impact that we could have as a news organization on our community. We tried to identify what is a key community issue that affects a lot of people and we thought bullying would be something that affected a lot of people so anything that we can do to stop bullying, we wanted to do," Johnson said.

After teaming up with the United Way, the initiative brought expert panelists to the studio, hundreds of viewers to share their own stories on Facebook, and our team in the community.

The KRCG 13 Stop Bullying Mid-MO team formed by Meghan Lane, Megan Sanchez, and Caileigh Peterson shared how bullying affected them at some point in their life. That was something Johnson said led to others in the community sharing their own story.

"It is a hard topic to talk about. It's something that nobody wants to talk about, but when we share our own stories, then people realize it's okay to talk about it and then we can facilitate that conversation," Johnson said.

Johnson said one year later, the goal remained the same.

"If one person can see one story and decide not to bully someone, or one parent can see one story and tell their child something that might help prevent them from being a bully or being bullied, then I think we will have made our impact," Johnson said.

KRCG 13, the United Way, and the Boys and Girls Club of Jefferson City scheduled a live town hall to answer community questions. The event was scheduled for September 6 and 6:30 p.m. on KRCG 13.

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