Mom uses her voice to share son's story, raise awareness

Joey Jones experienced bullying in his teenage years. His mom, Helen, said reflecting on it helps them to move forward. (Photo Courtesy of Helen Jones)

Helen Jones has lived in Glasgow her entire life. She went to school there. Her kids went to school there. Now, her grandchildren go to school there, too.

She worked for the schools as a custodian and bus driver. She said kids would often open up to her about being bullied.

Another person that opened up to her about being bullied was her son, Joey.

"He was bullied," she said. "I didn't realize until we sat down and talked about it. I wished I'd been up there more at the school board more than one time."

Joey is an adult now with a son of his own. Healing has taken place when it comes to his bullying experiences, but Jones said it sticks out in her mind.

"He was a heavyset child," she said. "He has been that way all of his life. He was picked on about being 'fat.' He was told he was fat. They told him he stunk."

She said kids would do anything to pick on him - headbutting him, calling him names and laughing at him. She told Joey it was okay to fight back, but Joey just would not.

"That's just not the type of kid he was," she said. "He'd keep it inside, and then when he'd get home he'd let me have it because of what was going on."

Jones said she wants to make sure her grandchildren know it is important to ask for help if they are being bullied. She said step one to work on this issue is to simply be kind.

"I really hope that more people could see people as humans, as people," she said.

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