Local school brings magic to anti-bullying message

A nationally known magician brought incorporated his magic tricks into an anti-bullying message for students at Cedar Hill Elementary School. (Caileigh Peterson/KRCG 13)

Cedar Hill Elementary School brought in a nationally-recognized magician and motivational speaker to share his bullying story with students.

Charlie Myrick shared his story of being bullied with the students while incorporating his magic into the program.

"It's a way to get their attention and get them to listen to an important message," Myrick said.

Myrick said it is crucial for elementary school aged children to learn about the harmful effects of bullying.

"They're right at this formative age where they're just trying to understand who they are," he said. "But they start off on this attitude of bullying and then it's going to be a difficult road for them in middle school and on into high school.

"If we can stop it at the elementary school level, then we've got a chance to save a lot of kids," Myrick said.

The magician said his program breaks down bullies before building them up. The program also worked to empower students by teaching them Myrick's magic words, "I Can".

Myrick has performed in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and has won the Escape Artists World Championships. But, he said his mission to help kids is more important.

"I played the Vegas, the Atlantic City, and Resorts International. I was on Bill Cosby. I did all the TV show stuff, you know. But when you change kids lives, that's more important than the glamour out there," Myrick said.

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