KRCG 13 Stop Bullying Mid-MO Team speaks at high school prevention day

Coach Jim Marshall spoke to Morgan County R-2 students about substance abuse as part of the school’s Prevention Day. Other topics include bullying, distracted driving, eating disorder. (Caileigh Peterson/KRCG 13)

The KRCG 13 Stop Bullying Mid-MO team spoke at Morgan County R-2 High School as part of its Prevention Day on Friday.

Meghan Lane, Caileigh Peterson, and Megan Sanchez highlighted the effects of bullying, the importance of starting the bullying conversation, and helpful resources for victims of bullying. The team also shared their own personal stories of bullying with students before taking questions.

Morgan County R-2 superintendent Dr. Joyce Ryerson said the district takes multiple approaches to tackling bullying.

"We feel it's important to talk to our students about bullying and get them in the conversation, but we also want to talk to them about cyberbullying," Ryerson said. "It's important they learn to be respectful on social media."

Prevention Day hosted 26 speakers about 21 different topics including bullying, opioid abuse, distracted driving, healthy relationships, and eating disorders.

A county coalition, CLEAR (Community Leaders Educating about Resistance) helped organize the day. CLEAR coordinator Donna Chapman said it is important to get students involved in these discussions.

"The students, they voted on what topics they wanted to discuss," Chapman said. "It's important for them to be interested and know how this risky behavior can affect them."

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