Jefferson City parents work to stop bullying in their kids' classrooms

A group of parents gathered at Thomas Jefferson Middle School Tuesday to discuss the formation of an anti-bullying taskforce. (Andrew Wafford/KRCG 13)

A group of parents at Thomas Jefferson Middle School said they want to make a difference in their children's learning environment.

PTO President Heather Brown said it's been brought to her attention there have been bullying issues during the regular school year and during summer school. She said wanting to have a productive 2018-2019 school year, she decided to call a meeting.

Thursday night a group of parents met at TJMS to discuss the formation of an anti-bullying taskforce. School officials were present to explain current bullying reporting processes. The group brainstormed ideas for the initiative and shared their passion for working toward ending bullying.

"We hope to see less bullying," Brown said. "We'd like to have the consequences identified for the bullies. We'd like to work with the community and the school staff in coming up [with] ways to make it better, and mainly we need a reporting system for the kids to be able to report right away when something happens."

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