Experts suggest bullying conversation includes many different community groups

70 percent of students in the United States reported witnessing bullying at school. (MGN Online)

Experts said bullying continues to be a problem in communities everywhere.

"Bullying affects almost one in five students nationwide so it's really impacting millions of students in the country," Chad Rose with the MU Bullying Lab said. "Bullying is a community issue so we all need to see and hear the same message. Schools need to be working with parents and community organizations to ensure that students are safe."

According to, between one in four and one in three high school students in the United States reported having been bullied. Seventy percent of high school students said they had witnessed bullying at school.

Rose said parents should also be involved in the conversation.

"Parents know their kids the best," Rose said. "Parents should be able to see if their child is coming home and acting different, responding different. Parents drive education change. Policy makers can sit and go to school and observe all they want, but parents really drive education change."

He also said children should be involved.

"Kids are getting bullied," Rose said. "When kids organizations are involved it really helps that conversation because it is affecting them."

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