Expert panel discusses anti-bullying resources

KRCG 13's Meghan Lane hosts a panel with a social worker from the Boys and Girls Club and Mizzou's Ed Bully Prevention Lab. (KRCG)

KRCG 13 and the United Way hosted its Stop Bullying Mid-MO live town hall Thursday evening.

Audience members were given the opportunity to hear from expert panelists including Joy Ledbetter with the Boys and Girls Club, Chad Rose with Mizzou's Ed Bully Prevention Lab, Ruthie Eichholz and Teshura Rogers with Jefferson City Public Schools, and even Da'Chanel Sutton, a student at Jefferson City High School.

Audience members asked the panel questions about community solutions, bullying stereotypes, help for the bully/perpetrator, etc.

One high shcool student said she learned more about programs offered in the community.

"I didn't know that they had resources for students at the high school which is very nice. It shows that they're very proactive about a solution and that bullying is a community matter," Jefferson City High School junior, Genesis Grinston said.

Grinston also said while she came to support her friend Sutton, she was excited to learn about the community's response to bullying.

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