Boys & Girls Club encourages kindness to prevent bullying

    A youth development professional instructs students at the Boys and Girls Club to use their 'level zero' voices when walking from the cafeteria. (Megan Sanchez/KRCG 13) <p>{/p}

    Each day a couple hundred area kids as young as kindergarten and all the way up through high school spend their after school hours at the Boys & Girls Club.

    Executive Director Stephanie Johnson said the organization works to train staff to spot bullying and handle it.

    "Here at this organization safety is our first priority - physical safety, emotional safety," Johnson said. "We really work with our staff to train them on identifying areas where bullying could be taking place."

    Johnson said the kids can be a big part of bullying prevention. They try and encourage kids to get an adult as soon as they see bullying occur.

    "It's something that as adults, and educators, and caretakers, that we are always working to stop," Johnson said. "We're always talking to the children about the importance of when you see bullying taking place, get an adult. Don't let it take place. Don't participate. Don't spectate. It's so important to get an adult for the safety of the child."

    Some of the students from the Boys and Girls Club described what it means to be kind.

    "Kindness is when people like be nice to each other and they help each other up when somebody gets hurt," third-grade student Addison said.

    "It's when you are saying nice things and complimenting people and making their day better," fifth-grade student Mariah said.

    Johnson said overall they aim to make the Boys & Girls Club a home away from home for the kids, ensuring it is safe and fun.

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