Cellphone shaped gun could be in stores this summer

Image of the Ideal Conceal pistol also know as the cellphone gun.

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group)- A new gun, shaped like a cellphone could be in stores as early as this summer. Ideal Conceal, a Minnesota based company, recently announced they have started producing parts of the weapon.

The gun, when not in use, has a handle that covers the trigger area and gives a strong resemblance to a cellphone.

Ideal Conceal CEO, Kirk Kjellberg, told Sinclair Broadcast, he wanted the design of the gun to be discreet. He explained he was at a crowded restaurant and the holstered gun underneath his jacket became exposed and frightened a young boy that was nearby.

“I think a lot of the reason people don’t carry as often as they could, is for that very reason,” he added.

The gun Kjellberg designed only carries two rounds in the chamber and is not outfitted for a magazine. The gun also has a hidden hammer, a component Ideal Conceal says adds to safety.

“Hammer is hidden inside the pistol, making it impossible to misfire by snagging the hammer on clothes or other objects,” Kjellberg said. “When the pistol [handle] is in a closed position and the safety is latched, it cannot be fired. You can’t reach the trigger or activate the trigger.”

But there are some fears that the realistic looking design could put others or small children at risk.

“People that say that its like well, you don’t leave butcher knifes on the table. You don’t leave Drano on the table. You don’t leave other dangerous things out for your kid to play with, so why on god’s green earth would you leave a gun where someone could play with it,” Kjellberg said.

“If you can’t lock it up and you don’t know how to protect it and keep things away from kids we just ask you, please don’t buy it. Obviously, the horror of a kid getting hurt by a gun is something nobody wants to live through,” added Kjellberg.

Although, Kjellberg says their company has still taken steps to insure the handle is not easily opened by young children.

“When the handle goes up and latches to the pistol, it has a two-step safety lock on the front. The reason for that is that it keeps anybody really young from being able to open it because you have to push it up and pull it back. That was intentional to help keep the handle closed at all times,” Kjellberg said.

The CEO said the gun is equipped with a screw lock for the handle when the gun is no longer in use. But the handle on the gun does have a slight spring release.

There are also concerns that the gun could be difficult for police to identify as a weapon. In an interview with CNN Money, Bill Johnson, executive director and general counsel for the National Association of Police Organizations confirmed that fear.

"In general, the concept of any kind of weapon that's disguised, so that it's not apparent that it's a weapon, would be cause for concern," said Johnson.

Kjellberg feels that the gun isn’t a big risk for police.

“If someone is really intent in causing harm to the police they are going to do it anyway and I doubt they will do it using our pistol,” Kjellberg said.

Ideal Conceal has already pre-sold nearly 750 guns. The company later plans to offer a version of the gun that will have a laser.

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