Hartzler Wants No Delays on Spending Deal

    <p>Hartzler wants to stop Obamacare and cut government spending.{/p}

    Columbia Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler said Washington needs long term solutions instead of short term fixes.

    Hartzler made her comments today while touring Columbiaâ??s Hickman High School Career Center.

    Hartzler wants to stop Obamacare and cut government spending.

    President Obama and congress recently came up with a deal that keeps the government running until the middle of January.

    The temporary deal included very few changes to Obamacare and allowed the federal government to borrow more money with a higher debt ceiling.

    Hartzler said, â??Overall, a lot of people are concerned about the negative impact of this unworkable health care law that has been rolled out. They were hoping to see some changes there. They were hoping that we could make government more efficient and more effective and quit spending money that we donâ??t have. Clearly, we did not get that in this present deal. Hopefully, we will in the future.â??

    The temporary deal funds the government through January 15, raises the amount the country can borrow through February 7, and gives back pay to furloughed workers including more than 200 Missouri National Guard members.

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