Cabin in the Woods

    â??Cabin in the Woodsâ?? had a delayed release. It was filmed and produced in 2009. Usually, that is the markings of a movie that has tested poorly or doesnâ??t have a lot of potential. Such is not the case with this movie. The reason for the delay are many but one was the casting of Chris Hemsworth who had a much bigger movie released called â??Thorâ?? and they didnâ??t want â??Cabinâ?? to be overshadowed.

    There is much to be said about â??Cabin in the Woodsâ??, a movie that was written by Joss Whedon who has written a variety of things in his career, including â??Toy Storyâ?? â??Alien: Resurrectionâ?? and most notably the cult television hits, â??Buffy the Vampire Slayerâ??, â??Angelâ?? & â??Fireflyâ??. Knowing that Whedon penned â??Buffy the Vampire Slayerâ?? must be noted upon viewing â??Cabin in the Woodsâ?? because it makes perfect sense. â??Cabinâ?? is â??Buffyâ?? on steroids and without the television rating system.

    Part of the movie's appeal is the mystery of it and so I am not going to linger upon the details of the film for long. If you choose to view this movie, and I highly recommend it, know going in that it is like nothing youâ??ve ever seen in the horror genre before. Weâ??ve seen kids get in a Winnebago and head into the middle of the wilderness to a remote cabin before, dozens of times. From that point, the creatorâ??s put together one of the most creative horror movies Iâ??ve ever seen.

    â??Cabin in the Woodsâ?? will slowly grow on you with quick witted writing, perfectly placed humor that had me laughing out loud and the same shocks and scares that you expect from such a movie. As the science fiction/horror/comedy rotisserie unfolds you wonâ??t be able to take your eyes off of it, especially the slam bam out of this world finale that will leave you caught between chuckling and gasping. One thing is for sure with â??Cabin in the Woodsâ??, horror movies have been given an ultimatum. The generic formula seen-it-before a dozen times, here we go again routine is dead.

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