Surgery postponed after 10-year-old develops antibodies rejecting "perfect" donor kidney

10 year old Eva fighting rare kidney disease. Her teacher was a perfect match but surgery was postponed after she became ill and is now rejecting the kidney.

A 10-year old girl is desperately trying to find a new kidney after some devastating news.

Eva Evans Brown's story first went viral after her teacher discovered she was a perfect match and became a living donor for the little girl. But then the little girl got sick, and after her recovery, doctors discovered she'd developed a new antibody that means her teacher's kidney is no longer a perfect match.

Eva is from Reynoldsburg and has been fighting a rare kidney disease since she was 8-years old. She underwent surgery July 18th, not for her kidney transplant but for health complications.

"I cried for several hours, I had to get myself right before I could tell her,” said Eva’s mom Alana Brown. “She cried for days. She's had nightmares about dying she woke up screaming in her sleep. She just keeps thinking she's going to die."

In May, Eva was excited that one of her teachers, Tanya Thomas, from her school Slate Ridge Elementary would not only donate her kidney but was a perfect match.

“I felt really excited because she's going to save my life,” said Eva on May 11th.

But she got sick so doctors pushed the original transplant surgery from May 30th to July 18th, hoping she would get better. She did, but now doctors said she can't take her teacher's kidney anymore.

"After this illness all of a sudden she had these antibodies. They don't understand why they developed. They only think that that was the only thing that would fight off the illness,” said Brown. "These new antibodies mean she now has a 65-percent chance of rejection."

Now they have to start from scratch and look for a new donor.

"God's going to bring you a better kidney, for whatever reason that kidney was supposed to be for someone else but we're going to get through this,” Eva’s mom said as she fought back tears. “I have a mustard seed of faith left and I’m just praying. I know that Tanya can’t be the only angel on Earth and I’m praying that somebody wants to step up and be that hero.”

Eva has Type "O" blood, which means she can take negative or positive type O blood. Brown said her daughter is a fighter and will keep smiling, hoping for another "superhero" to give the gift of life.

"You can be a living hero and bless our daughter even if you're not a match for us you can be a match for someone else,” stated Brown.

The family will stay overnight at the hospital as Eva will have another surgery on Thursday. If you want more information on how you can help the family, they posted a GoFundMe here.

If you want to learn more about become a living organ donor visit this website.

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