Women celebrate Centenarian Day and 100 years of life memories

Mary Sanders, 100 years old said she keeps busy with arts and crafts. (KRCG 13) 

Friday was National Centenarian Day- the celebration of people over the age of 100.

Two Jefferson City women, Mary Sanders and Jessie Schell had a lot to celebrate, but said life is not any different after 100.

"I didn't even think anything about it. Turning 100. I didn't feel anything different," Jessie Schell, 101 years of age said.

The women said the key is to live a healthy lifestyle.

"I haven't had a cup of coffee in my life, I don't drink carbonated drinks, I don't drink liquor, I don't smoke. I keep busy," Mary Sanders, 100 years of age said.

However, the two still find plenty of time to have fun.

"My son had a Mexican restaurant so I had to have some margaritas every now and then," Schell said.

Schell's family took her to Las Vegas for her 95th birthday, she travels to the Lake of the Ozarks, and even attends Mizzou football games.

Sanders drove her own car until she was 98.

Both women said they have witnessed many important, historical moments.

"The man walking on the moon was the most important, I think," Schell said.

The two women are also trying to keep up with the latest technology.

"When you pick up a telephone and ask it a question and it will answer it without looking it up, that surprises me more than anything," Schell said.

Both women said one thing that has not changed over time is their proudest achievement- raising their children.

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