Farm owner welcomes in couple's animals after house lost in fire

When Cindy Filkins lost her home in a fire, Cindy Brenneke took in all of her homeless pets and animals (KRCG).

A mid-Missouri family is cleaning up following a weekend fire that left several farm animals and pets homeless. One woman took them all in without question.

To Cindy Filkins, her animals are her family. "They're like my children."

She has horses, cows and goats. But after leaving them for less than an hour Friday morning, Cindy returned to find her and her husband's home near Linn engulfed in flames. Five of their dogs were lost in the fire.

"There's nothing like watching your entire life and knowing there's little fur-babies in there just burn up before your eyes," she said.

She called Cindy Brenneke who was four miles away working at her farm "Where Pigs Fly."

"Of course you can bring them right over," Brenneke said when asked if she could house the animals.

And with no hesitation, she took in the extra animals.

"They brought over a couple stock trailers full of animals and they've been blending in very well," Brenneke added.

She said she understands the love the couple has for their animals.

"To reach out and ask someone that huge of favor and get an immediate yes, you can bring your animals here we just both started balling cause we didn't know what we were going to do," Filkins said.

"I'm just doing what I like to do and I like to spend time with the animals," Brenneke added.

"I cannot thank you enough," Filkins said to Brenneke.

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