Water shuttle offers additional option to sober boating

Passengers on board the Lake Water Shuttle are happy to have a sober and safe boat ride to area restaurants and bars (Elizabeth Hoffman/KRCG 13).

Another busy weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks is in full swing. While some will enjoy family time, others come for adult fun.

"Honestly, probably the drinking and just kinda hanging out and taking it easy for the weekend," Amy Lewis said.

Captain Devin has lived at the lake for 15 years.

"Always enjoyed coming here as a kid," he said.

While he loves the water, he is also aware that it can be dangerous.

"I've seen way too many accidents in person and when you see that you can't ever take it away."

As captain of the Lake Hopper Water Shuttle, he's hoping to make boating at the lake safer.

"We can pick you up and get you closer to your house or someplace better on the lake and prevent any accidents from happening at the late night."

While taxi's by land and water as well as Uber are popular options, the water shuttle is an additional sober way to travel at the Lake of the Ozarks. The Lake Hopper can take up to 50 passengers to and from area bars and restaurants.

Chris Taylor was happy to have a safe and sober boat ride.

"Utilizing this type of taxi service or shuttle service, allows people to get out on the water, go to a bar, have a few drinks, not have to worry about being drunk or intoxicated and operating a boat when you really shouldn't be doing that."

Amy and her friends agree that safety on the water is the key to fun at the lake.

"You can rely on a designated driver and you can still have all the fun."

Click here to learn more about the water shuttle as a sober option of travel on the water.

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