Wardsville couple dodges Hurricane Michael on anniversary trip

Waves tumble in to Gulf Shores, Ala., where Wardsville residents Doris and Jack Fisher are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. (Photo courtesy: Doris Fisher)

A Wardsville woman on Wednesday said Hurricane Michael caught her and her husband by surprise.

Doris Fisher said she and her husband, Jack, weren't aware the storm was forming when they decided to head to their condo in Gulf Shores, Ala. to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. After arriving on Saturday, she said they learned about the storm and considered moving farther inland. Gulf Shores is on the southeast side of Mobile Bay, more than 150 miles west of Panama City, Fla.

"When we looked at the eye of the storm, we saw it was going to hit more Destin and Panama City, so we decided to go ahead and stay," she said.

Fisher said their condo is in a high-rise, so they felt they would be safe. She said they stocked up on food and ice in case they lost power and made sure their gas tank was full in case they did need to evacuate. She said many of their neighbors in the condos chose not to stay.

"We went ahead and stayed only because we didn't want to leave and go check in up north and miss our beach time," she said.

Fisher said the weather in Gulf Shores on Wednesday afternoon was pleasant, though there was some flooding in low-lying areas last night. The National Weather Service issued a tropical storm warning for the Gulf Shores area but canceled it just after 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Fisher said she and Jack will come home on Friday. She said she hopes the roads won't be too clogged when they begin their drive home.

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