Boone County Clerk suggests online voter registration as deadline arrives

The deadline to register to vote in the August primary was Wednesday, July 11. (FILE)

The deadline to register to vote was July 11 at 5 p.m.

The Boone County Clerk said voter registration has never been easier.

"You can simply go onto the Boone County Clerk website and just register on your smartphone, iPad, or computer, but we also have the paper forms. Those can be found at the post office, the D.M.V. or pretty much any government office," Boone County Clerk Taylor Burks said.

Paperwork needed to be in the county clerk's office or postmarked with the deadline date to be considered.

Burks did not expect a large turnout in the August primary.

"This is a tough one. With the Senate primary there isn't a lot of opposition to incumbent Claire McCaskill, and Josh Hawley seems to be the Republican front runner. Neither of those have the intense primaries that drive turnout. The one question mark is 'Right to Work' and if a lot of people show up for 'Right to Work'," Burks said.

Burks said he expects voter turnout to be around 35 percent. He said while that is a low turnout, it would be higher than usual.

The voter registration deadline for the general election in November is October 10.

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