Video: Senator John Loudon speaks for midwives

Senator John Loudon pushes for legalizing of MO midwives

Missouri Supreme Court judges are questioning whether a law legalizing certified midwives violates the constitution.

The state's highest court heard an appeal Wednesday of an August ruling striking down the law because of the way legislators passed it.

A Cole County judge ruled the midwifery provision went beyond the title and original purpose of the health insurance bill to which it was attached last year.

An attorney for midwives supporters argued that allowing midwives to deliver babies is a means of allowing home births to be covered by insurance.

But an attorney for a state doctors' group said that was an indirect chain of reasoning.

The Missouri Supreme Court heard the case of health insurance and midwife services Wednesday morning. The atmosphere of the courtroom was filled with anxious midwives, lawyers, and supporters. There was no rallying but the voices of Missouri midwives were still heard.

In 2007 Senator John Loudon (R-7) authorized midwives under an insurance accessibility bill.

Loudon urged to the press that the bill was never about insurance; it was to provide "health care affordability and access."

Loudon also reminded, "Let's not forget from a public policy standpoint from the core of this we have a lot of people that can't afford health insurance, they can afford midwifery but if the court rules against us we keep shoving all those people into hospitals and onto Medicaid. So the taxpayers are picking those costs up."

The Missouri State Medical Association is challenging the constitutionally of the bill.

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