Veterans get introduced to the world of firefighting

Veterans work on car extrications during the physical training session on Saturday. (Mike O'Connell//Department of Public Safety)

A group of veterans sweated it out Saturday during the first ever Firefighter Veterans Initiative in Jefferson City.

The program was created by Governor Eric Greitens as a way to introduce veterans to fire services and hopefully fill open firefighter positions across the state.

State Fire Marshal J. Tim Bean will be at the forefront of these events.

"We really see the similarities with the military life and the firefighter life, they parallel a lot," Bean said. "Some of the skill sets, some of the training, we do the same thing in the fire service."

The state received help from members of the Jefferson City Fire Department, Holts Summit Fire Protection District, and the Cole County Fire Protection District to serve as mentors for veterans during the physical and classroom training.

"Across our state we do have the need for more firefighters, in the volunteer roles, and the career roles," Bean said. "This initiative is an ideal way to match the two.”

Similar 'Firefighter Veterans Initiative' events are scheduled for Cassville on April 28 and Springfield on May 12.

Others are being planned for Kansas City and Poplar Bluff.

If you are interested in applying, click here.

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