Unofficial voting results report about 33.5 percent statewide turnout

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft stated he would certify primary election results on Aug. 27. (File)

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft said unofficial results showed Missouri voters turned out at a higher rate than the previous two August primary elections.

About 33.5 percent of the roughly 4.1 million registered voters cast a ballot yesterday, according to unofficial results. Turnouts in the previous primary elections of August 2014 and August 2016 were about 25 percent.

“Thank you to all the Missourians who went to the polls yesterday and made their voice heard,” Ashcroft said in a release. “Missouri’s county clerks and election boards and their colleagues work very hard in the months prior to an election and on Election Day – registering voters, printing ballots, training poll workers and being diligent reporting their results to our office. I’m very grateful to our poll workers who worked long hours yesterday at more than 3,000 polling places across the state.”

Ashcroft stated he would certify primary election results on Aug. 27

“While more voters went to the polls yesterday, there are still many who did not,” Ashcroft said. “I urge all eligible Missourians to participate in our democratic process and vote. If you’re not registered, there’s time to do so before the November general election — the deadline to register is Oct. 10, 2018. Contact your local election authority or visit to register, and most importantly, make your voice heard on Election Day.”

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