Two tied up and assaulted in home invasion

JCPD are investigating a home invasion in the 400 block of Hickory St.


Police have identified the first suspect as 50 year old Robert Stegemann of Jefferson City. He was arrested for assault, burglary and felonious restraint. He's being held on a $250,000 bond. The second suspect is still at-large.

Jefferson City Police are investigating a home invasion where a woman told officers she had been held hostage.

Late Monday night, officer responded to 405 Hickory St. where they say a woman was knocking on her neighborâ??s door. She was bleeding from the mouth with duct tape around her head, zip ties on her hands, and a knife in her hand.

The woman told responding officers she had been held hostage at 411 Hickory, just two houses east of 405 Hickory. Officers responded to 411 Hickory, and found a man inside they say also had duct tape wrapped around his head, hands secured with zip ties, and had been beaten and was bleeding profusely from his head.

The woman was transported to the Jefferson City Police Department to be interviewed.

The man was taken to Capitol Region Emergency Room to be treated for his injuries.

Police say a search of the residence revealed that entry had been forced and some kind of struggle occurred in the doorway and on the porch area.

Narcotics paraphernalia was also located in the home.

During the course of the investigation it was determined that two male suspects went to the address at 411 Hickory and forced entry into the home. The male victim reported that one of the male suspects hit him in the head several times with a small black handgun. The other suspect, whom the male victim identified, assisted in duct-taping the victims prior to leaving.

One suspect was located and arrested. The other suspect got away.

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