Transformation Tuesday: The Walking School Bus

"The Walking School Bus" at Thorpe Gordon Elementary School allows students to walk to school with an adult. (Kelsey Chrisman)

A new program at Thorpe Gordon Elementary School allows students to walk to school. The Walking School Bus as it's called, is a group of adult-led children who walk together from a designated location to school.

The Healthy Schools Healthy Communities Initiative promotes walking to school to improve the environment and improve the health of children. Children also gain a sense of freedom while they establish a healthy lifestyle.

"We're getting a lot of great feedback from the teachers, kids are having a good time and we have had parents drop their kids off and even take pictures of us as we go because they're so excited for them to be on The Walking School Bus," program coordinator Kelsey Chrisman said.

Chrisman said members of the community also welcome the idea.

"We actually had one lady that lives along the route who joined us and she is now one of our volunteers," she said.

Thorpe Gordon is the first school in the district to participate in the nationwide program. Plans are being made for additional Jefferson City Schools to participate in the future.

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