Though small in number, Chamois community helps fire victims in a big way

A makeshift memorial now marks the home where two children died in a house fire Sunday night (Elizabeth Hoffman/KRCG 13)

From food to household items to monetary donations, the small town of Chamois has shown support in a big way.

They are trying to get back to a sense of normality, but the recent tragedy is forever etched in their minds.

A makeshift memorial now marks the home where two children died in a house fire Sunday night.

"You can feel the heaviness of the mourning and a loss," said Denise Nolte of Jerry's Stop & Go, who said she knows the family well. "I remember both children coming in quite often and they were very sweet, big smiles and it's horrible. It's a total devastation. I feel the ache. My heart aches and I can't imagine being their parents."

As residents still try to absorb the news, many have started to help the family. A fund has been set up at The Heritage Bank of Chamois.

Many have dropped off clothing and household items at Jerry's Stop & Go and DJ's Repair in Linn.

"It's a very tight-knit community. We definitely look out for each other and in time of need, we show up, so it's been impressive," Nolte added.

Mayor Debbie Huff said the community has not only shown support for the victims of the fire, but also for the first responders.

"One of the things that I think is also amazing about this community is the rallying around our firefighters, and our EMS," she said. "They took in an emotional toll the other night."

Huff said regardless of the situation, the community always comes together.

"Whether you're celebrating or you have a tragedy, they are here for you."

Monetary donations can be sent to the Heritage Bank of Chamois. The phone number is (573) 763-5958.

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