Tensions high in Southern Boone School District

Tensions are running high in one area school district.

The Southern Boone School District in Ashland has never wanted for community support.

But the resignation of an assistant superintendent has allegations of bias and corruption are being tossed around.

This is the resignation letter of former assistant superintendent, Dr. Carolyn Deffenbaugh.

In the seven page letter, she makes allegations that Superintendent Charlotte Miller has asked her to submit fraudulent claims for state funds based on enrollment and allegations that miller hires family members.

Biff Barner said, "We have a fantastic school district and it is a drawing card for this community and we don't want to see it harmed".

And Barner isn't alone, dozens of parents came out to support former assistant superintendent Carolyn Deffenbaugh, "We're a small school district and I think when you have a critical member of your leadership team resign and make claims against the leadership it has to be looked at seriously", Barner said.

One parent told us off camera he is upset with district leaders because a special needs child has been denied services, yet the superintendent has hired a family member for what some say is an unnecessary position.

Parents say it's time for the board to take Deffenbaugh's allegations seriously, "this is a person who is incredibly well respected has excellent performance reviews and is very credible", Barner said.

Deffenbaugh was not at the meeting.

The board went into closed session after the meeting and superintendent miller told us she would be available for comment Tuesday.
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