Documents: Suspects in Columbia burglary broke into victim's room while she was sleeping

David Galentine and Jamieon Parker were charged with multiple felonies in connection with a home-invasion robbery in Columbia. (Columbia Police Department/KRCG 13)

Two men face charges of robbery, burglary, and armed criminal action in the home invasion robbery of a residence in south Columbia.

According to Columbia Police, Jamieon Dejuan Parker and David James Galentine were arrested at their home on Eastwood Drive Friday, found evidence implicating the two in the crime was found.

Court documents say the residence burglarized was located on Aspen Heights Parkway in south Columbia and was occupied by three people. One of the victims told police that she awoke in the early-morning hours of Jan. 28 with a man standing over her pointing a gun at her head. He told her to go to another bedroom where two other victims were in bed. The first victim was told to get into the bed with them.

The victim told police another man was already in the room pointing a gun at the other two victims.

The intruders demanded to know "where the guns were" and were told there were no guns in the residence. They then demanded cash and left with $5,000 and a video game player.

Two of the victims said they knew who might have been involved due to an incident from a few weeks earlier in which one of the victims had been accidentally shot by another individual whom the victim later identified to police. This individual, according to the victim, would have known about the presence of guns in the residence, which he himself hid in the attic after the accidental shooting.

However, the victim did not believe this individual was one of the intruders. The fact that the guns in question were taken from the hiding place at the Aspen Heights address led the victim to believe that the two intruders, Parker and Galentine, were put up to the robbery and told where to locate the guns.

Another acquaintance of the two suspects said that on the night of the home invasion, the two left their residence, stayed gone for about an hour, and returned with $4,800 in cash and a Playstation 4 videogame machine.

After questioning, Parker and Galentine confessed to their involvement in the home invasion, according to police.

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