Supreme Court to hear oral arguments in Shayne Healea case in February

Missouri Supreme Court (File).

A date is set for oral arguments in the Missouri Supreme Court in the case regarding Shayne Healea and its involvement with the state attorney general's office.

The state Supreme Court will hear the arguments February 4. This comes after an appeals court disqualified the Missouri Attorney General's office from prosecuting Healea's case.

Healea is the Moniteau County prosecutor and held his current office when he allegedly backed his pickup truck into a downtown Columbia restaurant in 2014, injuring four people. While speaking to his attorney on the phone in a police station holding cell, a video of the conversation was recorded and later submitted to prosecutors as evidence.

The special prosecutors on the case, members of the state attorney general's office, had the recording for years, according to Healea's attorney.

Healea's attorney has also requested the Columbia Police Department purge their servers of the recorded attorney-client conversation.

The attorney general's office questions who else could possibly prosecute an elected prosecutor but the state's attorney general's office. Special prosecutors claim they were unknowingly and inadvertently in possession of the recorded privileged communications. According to court documents, no member of the office has ever reviewed the recording.

Court records filed recently show a special master's report on the recording showed no matters of trial strategy could be heard on the recording . The report also said the audio portion of the recording was "not of good quality" and that some portions of the conversation were understood, but others were not. The report said most of the attorney's conversation was unintelligible or completely inaudible.

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