Sub-freezing temperatures could shock springtime crops

Freeze Warning begins late Sunday and lasts until Monday morning.

As springtime flowers begin to bloom and crops begin to grow across mid-Missouri, a wave sub-freezing temperatures could stop this process in it's tracks.

A Freeze Warning is in effect late Sunday trhough Monday morning for Saline, Pettis, Benton, Camden, Morgan, Miller, Maries, Moniteau, Cooper, Boone, Howard, Cole, Phelps, Pulaksi, Gacsonade, Osage, Montgomery and Callaway counties.

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Sub-freezing temperatures will impact much of mid-Missouri overnight Sunday into Monday. Any plants, trees or crops sensitive to cold temperatures may be damaged or killed if not cared for Sunday evening.

Pair these cold temperatures with northwesterly wind gusts up to 20 m.p.h., wind chills will be in the teens by Monday morning.

These wind gusts are also why a Freeze Warning is in place instead of a Frost Advisory, as extremely low temperatures for the springtime growing season can do as much harm as frost.

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Plants most at risk for being killed are any fruit or vegetable trees or crops that have begun to bloom. These will need to be covered in a frost cloth or tarp Sunday evening before sunset. For larger trees, wrapping the trunk in a tarp or blanket will also protect the tree from damage. Be sure to anchor down any covering, as wind gusts will remain between 15-20 m.p.h. overnight.

Any floral arrangements also should be covered, and potted plants brought inside for the night.

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