Student arrested after bringing stolen gun to Mexico Middle School

The Mexico Department of Public Safety arrested a student Wednesday after saying he brought a gun to school. (File)

Police said an eighth grade student was arrested Wednesday after he brought a gun to school.

The Mexico Public Safety Department stated that just before 2:20 p.m., staff members at Mexico Middle School noticed the student was acting suspiciously. An investigation revealed the student had a gun, which was seized immediately. The student was then detained by a school resource officer, according to a release.

The gun had been reported stolen in February 2018.

Officers stated there was no additional risk to the schools, and there was no information indicating the juvenile had planned on using the gun.

Mexico Public Schools superintendent Zach Templeton said his staff and local authorities acted quickly, and the two were working on what disciplinary action should be taken.

"I take this incident seriously, as it puts our students at risk as well as directly violates our school safety policies," Templeton stated in a release. "In order for our school to remain a safe haven, we must all work together - parents, staff and community members - to provide the quality environment that our children deserve."

Police said the student was arrested on suspicion of unlawful use of a weapon and stealing.

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