Storms damage buildings in Randolph County

This brick building in downtown Higbee was one of roughly two dozen buildings in southern Randolph County that were damaged in Monday evening's storms. (Garrett Bergquist)

The Randolph County sheriff said high winds damaged some two dozen buildings and put one person in the hospital.

A line of strong thunderstorms moved through central Missouri during the early Monday evening. Sheriff Mark Nichols said much of the damage happened around Higbee and Renick. KRCG 13 saw a mobile home destroyed on County Road 2550, and a large brick building was destroyed in downtown Higbee.

Nichols said 2 or 3 people were hurt, including one woman who was taken to an area hospital. Preliminary data showed a maximum wind speed in the 40-45 mph range.

The National Weather Service said it would send a crew to the area to evaluate the damage on Tuesday morning.

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