Some Columbia residents left without electricity after downed power lines

    Some Columbia residents without electricity after downed power lines. (Gladys Bautista/ KRCG 13) <p>{/p}

    Up to 1,000 Columbia residents were without power after power lines went down around Mexico Gravel Road in Columbia. As of Wednesday night, that number was around three dozen as crews worked into the night.

    Electric crews worked all of Wednesday evening on the power lines that fire officials say snapped or came off of their stands.

    Fire officials said they responded to a home on the 3000 block of Mexico Gravel Road in Columbia for reports of a structure fire. When they arrived, they said the fire that was in a home was extinguished quickly but that there were downed power lines on the same block.

    One woman who lost power said that she did not expect to see what she saw on the block next to hers.

    "When the electricity went out, we didn't actually know what had happened so we just waited and then it didn't come back on right away so we decided to go out to dinner and we drove on the street back behind us and saw all the telephone poles laying on the street," Saundra Stout said.

    Officials said they are not sure what was burning inside of the home or whether the fire and the downed power lines were related.

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