Cole County Sheriff: Beware jury duty scam

The Sheriff of Cole County is warning residents about a scam in which a caller tells potential victims that they have missed jury duty and they must now pay a fine. (MGN Online)

Cole County Sheriff John Wheeler warned people Monday to watch for a recurring scam involving jury duty.

In a press release, Wheeler said the scam, which was seen over the past couple of years, revolves around people calling potential victims and telling them they are sheriff's deputies. The so-called deputies then inform the victims that they have missed jury duty and that to avoid being arrested, they need to send money to the scammers.

Some of the callers have identified themselves as 'Deputy Kevin Woodson.'

Wheeler says victims should not pay the money. He reminds citizens that the Sheriff's Department doesn't call in advance to warn people that a warrant is about to be served, they just show up at your door and serve it.

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