Second night of freezing temperatures could cause harm to plants

A Frost Advisory is in effect fr much of mid-Missouri Monday evening, with a Freeze Warning for Montgomery county.

For a second night in a row, temperatures will reach near freezing by Tuesday morning.

The only difference is that there are widespread Frost Advisories instead of Freeze Warnings.

Areas of frost are likely when temperatures fall overnight between the lower to mid-30s, winds stay calm and skies remain clear to partly cloudy.

This is why there is a Frost Advisory for Tuesday morning. The windy conditions Monday morning prevented frost to form, and that's why a Freeze Warning was issued instead.

A Frost Advisory has been issued for Pettis, Saline, Benton, Camden, Morgan, Cooper, Howard, Boone, Cole, Maries, Miller, Phelps, Pulaksi, Osage Callaway, and Gasconade counties from 1-9 a.m. Tuesday morning.

A Freeze Warning has been issued for Montgomery County and areas closer to the St. Louis area from 1-9 a.m. Tuesday.

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Anyone living in a county with either a Frost Advisory or Freeze Warning is advised to cover any plants sensitive to cold temperatures or bring them inside. These conditions could damage or kill springtime plants that have begun to bloom or bud.

For tips on how to take care of your plants in the cold, visit the previous story here.

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