School districts continue to research security measures for safety improvements

Mid-Missouri school districts are looking at improvements for school safety and security. (MGN Online)

The new School Violence Act commits $1.2 billion to programs with the purpose of improving school safety and the emergency preparation of school personnel.

It is the first federal safety law since the Parkland, Florida school shooting, but school districts have not waited for the U.S. government to protect their children from harm.

John White, the director of security for the Columbia School District, said a relatively new window sheeting has been installed that is designed keep shattered glass contained inside the window frame. The goal is to prevent entry through a window by an attacker.

These window sheetings, which do not make a window bulletproof, are designed in Apache Flats.

"I sell them time," said Mark Bradbury of Ultimate Security Window Armour. "We keep them [intruders] outside the envelope and allow police officers that much more time to arrive."

Covering a single school window can cost up to $250, but Bradbury said only a few windows are suitable entry points and he can determine which might be vulnerable.

School districts spend thousands, even millions on safety. The School of the Osage district superintendent said his upper elementary school will received a safety overhaul.

Dr. Brent Depee said the district spent about $30,000 on a study for a 10-year security improvement plan for its four buildings.

Other mid-Missouri school districts expected to make safety and security improvements in 2018 include Southern Boone, Harrisburg, Fayette and Dixon.

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