Salvation Army coins major donation in Jefferson City red kettle

Salvation Army volunteers in Jefferson City were still stunned over someone dropping a gold coin into a red kettle. (Kermit Miller/KRCG 13)

The Jefferson City Salvation Army this week is still stunned by the generosity of an anonymous donor.

Someone dropped a U.S. gold coin Monday worth about $1,300 into a red collection kettle outside the Sam's Club store.

The volunteer bell ringer did not see the coin go in, and whoever dropped it did not say anything about it.

"Typically, Monday is our slowest day after a busy weekend," Salvation Army Lt. Christopher White said. “They're the lowest totals of the week. And we just couldn't believe, of all the days, that a gold coin would appear on a Monday."

For the people who run the ministry, the desire of the coin donor to remain anonymous only intensifies the charity involved.

"I can only imagine that the person who gave it had a very generous heart, not just for the work that we do serving people, but the way we try and minister in the name of Christ as well," White said. "And, as The Wisemen gave gifts of gold at Christmas time, we are very grateful for out gift of gold as well."

White said the coin will be cashed in and the money used for ministry services.

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